March 26, 2018

Supporting its vision to keep Qatari Culture and Heritage alive and memorable until FIFA World cup 2022, Ezdan Mall Al Wakra has organized a heritage wall mural paintings. These murals were created permanently by well-known local and expat artists who are keen to express their love for Qatar. The mall management has allocated 7 large walls in different areas of the mall for paintings depicting Qatar’s most prominent traditions, edifices and local traits.

Commenting on the event, Ezdan Malls Group GM Malik Awan said:   
 ” Ezdan Mall is not just meant for shopping and entertainment but also a platform through which we convey a great message in supporting Qatar’s culture and environment through arts. We believe it’s our responsibility to highlight our legacy, as art and culture play a very positive role in building the image of our nation. We seek to make our guests feel they are at home rather than in an ordinary shopping experience. To achieve this, we partnered with Friends of Nature, a non-government organization focusing on ecological preservation and educating people about preserving and rehabilitating our environment. Friends of Nature also promotes cultural diversity and cherishing the Qatari identity. Each wall has its own story line related to Qatar’s culture and heritage such as the ‘Batoola’, one of the popular masks Qatari women used to cover their faces. Paintings also include sand dunes, camels and falcons, which is a national emblem in Qatar; as well as the Oryx, an antelope species that lives in the Arabian Peninsula. Other paintings focus on pearl, fishing and modern Doha with its distinctive towers and attractive Corniche. Mall Guests can enjoy the scenery and the worthy information as they walk through the malls pathways.”

He added: “Ezdan Mall is proud to have a pioneering vision to raise awareness on the importance of preserving the environment through its ongoing Green Dream 2022 initiatives. People visiting Ezdan Mall Al Gharrafa and Al Wakra will have the chance to contribute to Qatar’s National Vision 2030 by planting in our Eggshell Planting station.”

Ezdan Mall is the only mall in Al Wakra municipality that effectively contributes to the revitalization of the region and promotes it commercially. Ezdan Mall Al Wakra houses key brands such as Carrefour, H&M, Riva, Funville, Shakespeare & Co, Mado, Applebees, Chocoglaze, Tim Hortons, KFC, Jollibee, Shatter Abbas, among other distinct stores.