December 12, 2019

Ezdan Mall Company invites children and families to participate in the recreational events during which they will live adventures filled with joy, fun and entertainment that suit different age groups, especially children. Activities will be held every Thursday and Friday from 6-9 pm starting from December 12, 2019 – and wrap up on January 10, 2020. The event theme in Ezdan Mall Al Gharrafa is taking you in a flight inside an aircraft during which children act as the pilot and cabin crew while parents will take pictures inside the cabin. Meanwhile, the theme of activities in Ezdan Mall Al Wakra will appeal to the children who are sea lovers, as it comprises a cruise ship crafts, and activities.

In preparation for the adventure, Ezdan Mall Al Gharrafa has set up a model of an aircraft on a large area that enables children to delve into it and enjoy the unique experience in making captain caps, aircrafts and coloring and parents can enter the model to take pictures of their little ones inside the aircraft.

While Ezdan Mall Al-Wakra has prepared for a deep-sea trip through the establishment of a model of a cruise ship that provides a workshop for children inside where they can manufacture the cruise ship and its anchors from paper dishes, as well as learning the art of origami, and parents can take memorial photos in a designated areas next to the ship, and the organizers of the events expect the participation of more than 500 children per day for the specified period.

Families are expected to flock with their children to participate during the holidays, which enables them to enjoy edutainment activities, expected to attract the attention of about 8,000 children and their families during the running of events.

Ezdan Mall organizes seasonal activities throughout the year, including national, cultural, and entertainment events, as well as shopping, with the aim of achieving the highest levels of communication with the public and creating a family atmosphere within the Malls, which proved impressive success within a short period, as the mall is keen to participate in Celebrating the National Day through cultural activities, as well as holding summer festivals for shopping and entertainment, and distinguished Ramadan activities that include seminars, lectures and religious competitions.

Ezdan Mall Al Gharffa, since its opening in mid- 2013, has contributed to a boom in the country’s retail sector, by stimulating shopping footfall, due to its response to the needs of visitors, and it contains a number of international brands that penetrate for the first time in the Qatari market, in addition to the distinguished services. It gives visitors a unique shopping experience, and contributes to attracting large numbers of shoppers.