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Our first restaurant opened in 1985, but the story of Buffalo’s Cafe begins and ends with buffalo wings. Created in Buffalo, NY in the mid 6O’s, these tender, meaty morsels were irresistibly delicious, and the concept soon took flight. Our founders were on the forefront of this foodie trend, making our restaurant specialize in the now world-famous buffalo wings.

Basically, we helped make wings a Thing, and now, wings are OUR thing. Buffalo’s Cafe sticks to that authentic buffalo-style by sourcing only medium sized wings to consistently deliver that same great texture and taste. Paired with our 13 house made sauces, it’s no wonder we’ve grown to 25 restaurants worldwide with many more coming to a city near you.

To be at Buffalo’s Cafe is to be at home, with family. Sure, everyone’s dinner table probably looked a little different, but our interior was designed with nostalgia in mind. We worked hard to recreate a rustic diner feel, a hole-in-the-wall Southwest cafe that serves as the local digs for good food and good times. What does family mean to you? To us, it’s a gathering place, and food brings us together. Whether your family is the soccer team gathering after a big game win or your organization holding a fundraiser, Buffalo’s is proud to be the hub. It’s why we’ve had an enduring legacy for over 30 years, and we stand by our convictions. We’ve been a family brand since 1985, and we’re not changing that any time soon. On the fast-casual side, Buffalo’s is the sister brand to LA’s original, gourmet hamburger chain: Fatburger. Burgers and wings are our favorite things, so the pairing was a no-brainer. With co-branded restaurants operating in the same size footprint as a single fast casual restaurant, you get two all American classics on one big menu. Burgers & wings. All American things. That’s our thing … at Buffalo’s.