July 26, 2018

Ezdan Mall Al Gharrafa is honored to be a major contributor to Omani SME’s exhibition
The mall has sought to introduce Omani SMEs to the public in Qatar. Qatar and Oman heritage represents a source of pride for both countries, and by hosting this exhibition. We have made it possible for the public in Qatar to get to know the best products that better portray the Omani identity and its commercial history. We were keen to do all our best to provide an environment that deeply reflects Qatari heritage, making this exhibition a joint shopping experience that combines the Qatari spirit and Omani cherished heritage.
Omani exhibitors have participated in the expo to showcase their products that reflect the high level of craft skill in the Omani market.
The exhibition was held at  Ezdan Mall Exhibition Center located at the mall’s basement following an Omani like traditional style. Participants at the Omani SME’s Exhibition were keen to display high quality local products,
in different fields, including textiles, fashion, jewelry, woodwork, antiques, gifts and food such as honey, spices, fragrances, incense, dates, silver produce, and other valuable products